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RJM Full English Overdrive Rare Limited Edition CMG Exclusive

No Reviews Yet Submit a Review Model Number: DP2BGR Brand: RJM Music Technology
RJM Full English Overdrive Rare Limited Edition CMG Exclusive
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Price: $349.00 Qty: 2+ Price: $333.30 each Ships FREE within 1 Day In Stock Financing Available: Learn More

Product Description

This is a rare, unique opportunity to grab a custom, limited edition RJM Full English Pedal! This is Capital Music Gear's first exclusive pedal, and it honors our 6 year anniversary and Madison heritage. We only made 18 available for sale to call out our founding year 2018. We chose the Full English for this project because this analog overdive with midi control pedal is so unique and sounds amazing. You can dial in subtle to blues overdrive sounds all the way up to 80's rock high distortion and switch between them with different presets! Finding a pedal that sounds this good, has an analog signal path, and can store presets and be controlled via MIDI is extremely rare, and we couldn't be more excited to partner with RJM on this exclusive print on this truly revolutionary pedal!

The Full English is a fully programmable overdrive and distortion pedal with a 100% analog signal path, inspired by some great British pedal designs.

The Full English is the follow up to our Overture pedal. It uses the same technology to give you a fully programmable pedal with a 100% analog signal path, but this time with a distinctly British flavor.

Six modes are available, ranging from clean boost to overdrive to high gain distortion. You can use these modes to create up to 8 presets and recall them with the press of a button.

The Full English also features a 3 band active post-EQ for powerful tone shaping ability.

We’ve spent a great deal of time dialing in the tone of this pedal, and we feel like this pedal does a great job of capturing the sound of quite a few classic pedals, plus going well beyond those famous tones. The combination of the EQ and the 6 overdrive and distortion modes provide an amazing amount of versatility.

When used with a MIDI controller, you can access up to 100 presets and use an external controller to adjust parameters on the fly. There is special support for MIDI controllers with expression pedals – you can easily set up knob settings for the “heel down” and “toe down” positions of the pedal and the Full English will smoothly transition between those settings as you move the pedal.


- 100% analog signal path
- 6 overdrive and distortion modes (Push, Blues, Royal, Imperial, Shred, Stack)
- 3 band active post EQ
- 8 user-programmable presets arranged in 2 banks of 4
- 100 presets available when used with a MIDI controller
- Each preset stores the position of all knobs and overdrive mode
- Comprehensive MIDI capabilities
- 5-pin MIDI In and Output jacks
- USB-C connector for direct connection to a computer
- 3 year limited warranty


- 3 band EQ offers approximately 10dB of boost or cut in each band
- 8 presets accessible from the pedal itself (4 presets in each of 2 banks)
- 100 presets available using a MIDI controller
- Responds to both MIDI PC and CC messages
- 1/4? mono unbalanced audio input and output
- 5-pin MIDI input and output, bidirectional when used with compatible equipment
- USB-C connector for connection to phone, tablet or computer. Appears as a standard MIDI device in MIDI enabled apps
- Power Requirements: 9VDC power supply capable of providing 150mA or more current
- BOSS-type power connector, 5.5mm/2.1mm barrel connector, center negative
- Dimensions: 4.4 (w) x 5.25 (d) x 2.4 (h) inches (11.1 (w) x 13.3 (d) x 6.1 (h) cm)
- Weight: 1.1 lbs / 0.5 kg
- Made in USA

Overdrive Modes

The Full English has six overdrive modes:

- Push – This mode is a clean boost that’s designed to push the front end of an amp. It has a high maximum output level.

- Blues – Inspired by a British low to medium gain pedal from the 90’s that’s gained in popularity over the years.

- Royal – Based on a very popular boutique modification of the “Blues” pedal above, it has a slightly different frequency response and overdrive characteristic.

- Imperial – A higher gain version of Royal, using hard clipping instead of soft clipping.

- Shred – A high gain, compressed distortion mode designed for soloing. Great for 80’s shred and beyond!

- Stack – A big sounding distortion mode, more open and dynamic than Shred, designed to sound like a high gain amp.

What's The Difference Between Overture And Full English?

Both the Overture and Full English use the same technology to deliver a 100% analog signal path in a fully programmable pedal. However, the two pedals have different modes with different sounds.

The Overture is more of a classic overdrive, based on a famous 70s overdrive and other boutique pedals that are based on that design. It has a more compressed, smooth sound with more midrange emphasis. The Overture also features a pre-boost circuit for additional gain.

The Full English is based on a series of British pedals introduced in the 90s. The sound of the Full English is more transparent and less compressed compared to the Overture. In the Stack and Shred modes, it can get more gainy than the Overture. It also has a 3-band post EQ which gives more tone shaping options.

Both pedals are quite versatile and can be used to get a wide range of tones. However, in using both, a general guideline we’ve come up with is that the Overture is better for single coil guitars, and works really well for blues and classic rock. The Overture is also great for boosting an already gainy amp to get 80’s style shred. The Full English is better with humbuckers and for more modern sounds. It also can get further into hard rock and metal territory than the Overture can, and is more suited for getting high gain sounds out of a clean amp.

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