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CodaBow Diamond Category DIAMOND™ NX Bow Made with GlobalBow ™ Technology for Cello

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CodaBow Diamond Category DIAMOND™ NX Bow Made with GlobalBow ™ Technology for Cello
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Product Description

With the same time-proven design as the expert-level cello bow models in the Diamond Collection, CodaBow Diamond NX cello bows deliver an uncomplicated, sweet tone. The stronger, firmer stick and increased weight offer advancing students more stability and accommodation while perfecting their craft. The CodaBow Diamond NX carbon fiber cello bow offers consistency and control across a wide platform of techniques. Showcasing a crisp sound and a design offering ample support, the CodaBow Diamond NX is ideal for pre-professionals, amateurs, and students of the cello.

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A Beloved Favorite of cello Educators
Blended Acoustic Core
The state-of-the-art NX Acoustic Core of this cello bow offers a mixture of cutting-edge fibers. Collectively, the fibers deliver tone not possible with carbon fiber alone and unmatched in this price range.

Diamond Weave
Our first-of-its-kind 3-D woven architecture stretches from the bow tip to the bow button, producing superior tracking capabilities and admirable responsiveness. Advancing amateurs, students, and pre-professionals performing with the CodaBow Diamond NX cello bow will appreciate a level of control and command they've never attained before.

Lifetime Technology
All high-wear components (including button bearings, tip wedge, and tip plate) on the CodaBow Diamond NX cello bow are precision-crafted from cutting-edge composite materials recognized within the industry, guaranteeing a lifetime of hassle-free playing.

Xebony® Frog Solution
Xebony® stands as a sophisticated answer to the endangered global supply of instrument-grade ebony, utilizing a unique combination of natural fibers and resin to showcase a luxurious sheen and inherent grain, leaving both musicians and bow craftsmen deeply impressed. Stronger and more durable than natural ebony, Xebony® offers peace of mind while preserving endangered resources.

Global Bow Design
Every carbon fiber cello bow we create bears the GlobalBow® certification, assuring the absence of endangered, monitored, or regulated species (both animals and plants), thereby facilitating hassle-free international Customs clearance.

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