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Ashdown BASS-EXCHANGE AB/BA Instrument Amp Switching Pedal

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Ashdown BASS-EXCHANGE AB/BA Instrument Amp Switching Pedal
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Product Description

The Bass Exchange is a bass players dream for any musician on the road with 2 instruments or 2 Amps. With independent input gains and our trademark VU meter, setting the exact volume for each instrument is a breeze.

You can also change the mode to give you 5 different functions of the pedal. 
1. Connect 2 instruments to 1 amp & switch between instruments. 
2. Connect 2 instruments to 2 amps & switch between instruments.
3. Connect 1 instrument to 2 amps & switch between amps.
4. Connect 1 instrument to 1 or 2 amps & use the second channel at a higher gain level for a boost function.
5. Connect 2 instruments, 1 to a live amp & 1 to a DI output only. 


Independent Gains:
-Set the independent gain on each input channel allowing you to balance out the level of two different instruments.

Foot switchable:
-Use the foot switch to switch between amps or instruments, depending on the mode being used.

-Dual Jack outputs, allowing connection to live amps or DI's.

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